Secret Senate Meetings on Bush Tax Cuts

There’s a secret meeting going on — a series of meetings, a series of secret meetings taking place — between and among senators of both parties, 12 of ’em. It’s not secret anymore because The Politico has the story.

“Secret Talks Under Way About ‘Fiscal Cliff.'” The Politico claims that 12 senators from both parties are secretly huddling over plans to avoid the fiscal cliff awaiting us on January 2013. That’s Taxageddon. Senator Dick “Turban” of Illinois says that the senators are trying to come up with measures that “will restore confidence in the business community.” But if their measures would restore confidence in the business community, why do they have to keep ’em secret, is my question. If these 12 senators are meeting, six Republicans, six Democrats, from what I’m told, if they’re meeting in secret to try to come up with ideas to restore confidence in the business community, why not do it in public? If you really want to restore confidence, why do you have to keep it hidden?



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