Scott Walker vs. Barack Obama

I’ll tell you what’s happening in Wisconsin. I may as well stick with this. If the outcome next Tuesday is close to what the polling data indicates that it will be, the Democrats are giving every bit of evidence that they think it’s over. I mean they’re pulling money out of there; they’re not actively campaigning; they’re down in the dumps. I don’t think that’s psychological strategery. Could be. Just have to wait and see. The primary fear I think now is that Walker voters might get complacent. This is a fear that others have. I don’t. I think that there is so much energy and passion, pent-up frustration.

You look at the primary in Wisconsin, Walker, who didn’t need a single vote when the Democrats were determining his opponent, Walker got more votes than the two Democrats combined in Wisconsin, and that’s only because the Republicans in Wisconsin are sick and tired. They want to be heard. And this is their best way of being heard, is to go to the ballot box. I don’t think that there’s gonna be a relaxation or a suppression of enthusiasm, but that appears to be a major concern. What’s the lesson there? There are really a lot of them, but the big umbrella lesson is that conservatism works, and almost as important, if not more important, is the fact you need a guts-filled, courageous, unafraid conservative doing it. And that’s Walker.

The whole Democrat apparatus has been after this guy for two years. From the White House on down there have been efforts to politically and personally destroy this guy. He’s not whimpered, and he hasn’t caved, and he hasn’t backed out. His supporters have hung in with him. He’s raised more money than the Democrats have. He has not made excuses for conservatism. He’s not moderated it, modified it. He has his policies. He is explicit in explaining them. He has implemented as many of them as have been possible to implement, and they’re working. And the way to put it in proper context and perspective is to say that Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin has done everything Obama says is not impossible. Everything Obama is campaigning against, Walker has done and proved that it works.



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