Romney Camp Fighting Hard, But…

A little story here from the Washington Examiner. Byron York had this, ran on Sunday, headline: “In Tough Fight with Romney, Obama Longs for McCain — Obama told the audience at a Minneapolis restaurant called Bachelor Farmer,” one of his six fundraisers, where he got really close to Wisconsin, but he wouldn’t go to Wisconsin. Why doesn’t a man so universally loved and popular, we’re told Obama’s personal popularity is way, way up, why didn’t he go to Wisconsin? Bail out Tom Barrett. If Wisconsin’s got so much importance, which, by the way, they’re downplaying now. The Democrats, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz: No, Wisconsin doesn’t mean anything to the presidential race. It’s a Wisconsin election. What are you talking about?

Six months ago it was the blueprint for the presidential race. Six months ago it was the presidential race in microcosm. But now that the polling data looks so bad, they’re running away from it. And Obama is so universally loved and so popular, why not go to Wisconsin, if he’s so loved he can help Barrett out. Go in there and campaign for the guy. Why didn’t he go and help Barrett like he helped Martha Coakley. Go in there and help Barrett like he helped, who was it who lost to Bob McConnell and who was it that lost to Chris Christie? Obama went and campaigned for all these guys. I guess that’s why he’s not going. Everybody he endorses loses. The same thing with Clinton, by the way.

So at this fundraiser in Minnesota. Obama said: “I mean, 2008 was a significant election, obviously. But John McCain believed in climate change. John believed in campaign finance reform. He believed in immigration reform. I mean, there were some areas where you saw some overlap.” But now Obama says things are different, and “we’re going to have as stark a contrast as we’ve seen in a very long time between the candidates.” So here’s Obama in a tough fight with Romney, longing for McCain. Now, what does that tell you? He wants a guaranteed loser. He wants a Republican that’s going to compromise his core beliefs and agree with Obama. He wants somebody who is going to cave. And he’s unhappy Romney is not caving.



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