Romney Builds on GOP Gains in Wisconsin

Mitt Romney is looking to capitalize on a big Republican victory in Wisconsin as he visits the state for the first time since GOP Gov. Scott Walker survived a contentious recall election.

Wisconsin hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1984, and President Barack Obama won big here in 2008. But now that Walker has challenged public sector unions and survived a Democratic push to oust him as governor, Republicans sense an opportunity — and Romney plans to continue his six-state bus tour in Janesville, about 75 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

Still, the candidate was cautious in assessing his chances. “It’s just such a long way out. So much happens,” Romney told reporters on his campaign plane when asked if Walker’s win made him more optimistic he could carry the state in November. “I can’t make any predictions other than we’re going to work hard and have some fun tomorrow.”



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