RNC Video: From Reboot to Replay

That speech yesterday — 54, 57 minutes, whatever it was — was an utter disaster. And all afternoon yesterday and all last night, the State-Controlled Media was in sheer panic over it. And somebody finally figured out that Obama was suckered into this by no less than Mitt Romney! Apparently, folks. Remember when Axelrod was in Boston last week and a bunch of Romney people showed up and heckled and asked questions and basically embarrassed Axelrod? Apparently the regime said, “You don’t do that to us! That’s what we do to you, but you don’t do that to us.”

Romney’s speech yesterday that was scheduled first. It was Obama who then scheduled his speech after. And actually Solyndra is part of this, too. Because apparently the regime (and Obama personally) was livid that Romney went out to Solyndra and stood in front of the boarded-up headquarters and all the dilapidated signage and did an appearance to illustrate the bankrupt nature of Obama’s green policies initiative. That bugged ’em. So this yesterday in Ohio was Obama getting even. And the press, they knew this.



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