Geez… what a day. I hate it when the Supreme Court raises… taxes?… I guess this really is a SCOTUS tax. Are they allowed to do that? I’m pretty sure they are not.

So Levin was on fire this afternoon. I encourage everyone to read the dissenting opinion from Scalia. He makes some very good points. If this is a tax as Roberts has deemed then the law is invalid. Our Constitution clearly specifies that tax law is to originate in the House of Representatives. Obamacare originated in the Senate. So if Boehner has any cajones at all, he will simply re-assert the House’s power under Article 1, Section 7 and declare that with this re-classification as a tax the law is no longer constitutional as it did not follow proper procedural process as required in our Constitution. There is no need for a repeal at that point. What would they be repealing, an invalid law?

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