Our Only Choice: Win Elections

There is one solution. “Remedy,” maybe is not the word. We have one choice, and that’s win elections. Every one of them, folks. That’s what we face now. And the first one is this November. With what happened today and the precedent set today that the government can tax anything… I don’t want to scare you by speculating what that could end up meaning in terms of everybody’s day-to-day lives. What if Social Security goes bankrupt, and then what if Congress wants to say that your 401(k) is now part of Social Security in order to bail it out? Just take it. Do you realize there’s not much to stop something like that from happening until this is repealed?

And even then the precedent is still there until the court, another court down the road, would reverse this one. Which is not impossible. But it’s going to take elections. Because as my buddy Mark Levin wrote recently in a book: We now live in a post-constitutional country. With Obama we got post-racial, we got post-partisan, and now we’re post-constitutional. The Constitution does not determine things that happen in this country anymore. It’s not a limiting factor any longer. The big government types have always seen it as an obstacle, and in two decisions this week we have been shown, architecturally, the way around it.



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