Obama’s Failed Presidency

Particularly if the Supreme Court invalidates the individual mandate at the heart of the ObamaCare law, this president’s tenure is increasingly going to be seen as an unmitigated failure.

The economy is in a shambles and getting worse. The national debt is bloated. The stimulus didn’t work. His healthcare reform law, his signature program, might be unconstitutional. He tied the nation up for a year and a half, and lost his party’s House majority and much of its margin in the Senate, to pass and defend a law that was so poorly written, it could get thrown out by the court. He might be cited for contempt of Congress. He hasn’t delivered on his environmental commitments. Cap-and-trade is a dead letter. Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin makes a mockery of Obama’s pledge to strengthen organized labor during his term. American popularity around the globe is lower than it was under Bush, and both Iran and North Korea are more threatening.

What’s left?



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