Obama Unveils Celebrity Ad Campaign

The Obama campaign tonight aired its first national TV ad of the election cycle — a 30-second spot on the MTV Network that features actress Sarah Jessica Parker plugging President Obama’s record and soliciting donations for a campaign sweepstakes.

“OK, the guy who ended the war in Iraq; the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want; the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy — President Obama — and his wife Michelle are coming to my house for dinner on June 14th,” Parker says to camera.

“And I want you to be there too. But, you have to go to JoinObama.com for a chance to win and the contest ends tomorrow night. So go right here right now because we need him and he needs us.”

The spot, an appeal to younger Obama supporters, aired three times tonight during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, a campaign official said.



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