Obama is Losing Racial Politics Game

Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, last November I made a big deal of something? And I remain surprised. I can’t believe… And I really mean this. I can’t believe that this was not focused on more. Not by the mainstream media but rather by conservative media. This was a column by Thomas B. Edsall who used to write for the Washington Post and is now big at the Huffing and Puffington Post. And he had a piece in the New York Times, which means the regime wanted it there.

He works for Obama in a way. There’s a tie-in. And the piece, if you’re a regular listener here you’ve heard me reference it many times, but it’s stayed in its own vacuum. The piece was a tantamount admission that the Obama campaign had written off the working-white-voters block. They’ve just written them off. They were the bitter clingers. They knew, back in November, that they were not going to compete for them. They’re not even going to campaign for the white, working voters of America.

And that was so stunning to me to have an incumbent president instruct — or his campaign instruct — one of their acolytes to head to the op-ed pages of the New York Times and admit that, that they weren’t going to seek the votes of white, working class voters. The Reagan Democrats. A lot of these people are Democrats. They’re working class, blue collar Democrats being written off. And the majority of them voted for Obama in 2008. Now, this takes me to this piece by David Paul Kuhn at Real Clear Politics.



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