Now That’s A Gaffe: President Obama Makes Oral Sex Joke

You know what the press is all atwitter about right now? I’m gonna get to it here in just a second. The press is all atwitter. Obama, speaking to a gay group at a fundraiser, talked about how his wife doesn’t go all the way down. Obama was talking about exercise and push-ups, and there was a contest apparently between Moochelle and Ellen DeGeneres, and apparently Moochelle can do more push-ups than Ellen and Obama was explaining by saying that Michelle doesn’t go all the way down. And then he said she can do more push-ups than he can do because she doesn’t go all the way down. Well, the place broke up. They erupted in laughter. And Obama, according to the video, has a blank look on his face like he doesn’t understand what they’re laughing at.

So Politico does a story and talks about Obama’s double entendre. They clearly think Obama’s making a sex joke about his wife. And they thought it was hip and cool. I mean, this is Mr. Cool, oh what a guy, talking to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender bunch, raising money, and says his wife doesn’t go all the way down. And then they started thinking, “You know what, maybe we better…uh, that actually doesn’t look hip and cool, talking about his own wife that way.” So now the media is in a total spin cover-up. They’re trying to encourage, the administration is trying to persuade media outlets not to run the video or the audio. We have it. You’ll hear it in a moment. And they’re saying it’s not a double entendre. He was telling the truth. They even got witnesses now saying they’ve seen Michelle Obama do push-ups, and she doesn’t go all the way down.



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