News from the Fat Front: Exercise Bad for Some; Once Fat, Always Fat; Doomberg Moves to Ban Large Sugary Drinks

Can exercise be bad for you? This is another great story, folks. We have find out through research, extensive research that exercise is harmful to some people, but nobody knows why. I’m sorry for not picking up on this years ago. This is something that I feel the need to apologize for. Everybody fell for this. Everybody fell for the notion that exercise is good for everybody, and what should have been the first tip-off that that can’t possibly be true? We’re not all the same. Anything that says something is great and good for everybody can’t possibly be true. We’re too unique. We are too different.

Researchers studied 1,687 people and how they reacted to rigorous exercise. They found that 10% of the participants got worse. Ten percent. I’m convinced that had I been in this study, I would have been one of them. Ten percent of the participants got worse, based on one or more measures of heart disease, including blood pressure and levels of insulin and HDL cholesterol. In fact, seven percent got worse on at least two measures. The weird thing is that nobody knows why.

Claude Bouchard, one of the researchers and a professor of genetics and nutrition at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, could only say that the finding is bizarre when the New York Times asked him about this. Why is the finding bizarre? It’s because everybody just assumes that exercise is good for everybody. It’s just one of these universal truths that has to be. Now, I often say that we need to look at everything through an ideological prism. Snerdley said, “Don’t turn exercise into liberal versus conservative.” I’m not turning exercise into liberalism versus conservatism. The exercise advocates, no doubt, try to tell everybody what to do, trying to guilt and shame people that don’t do what they think they should do. They’re liberals.



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