New Adidas Sneakers Under Fire

The way Adidas is promoting these shoes is for people who have “a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles,” so that people can’t steal them. That’s why they have the shackles on them. Well, okay. (interruption) If they’re training for ankle bracelets? Well, if they are, who are they working with? If the purpose of these shoes is to train people for ankle shackles later in life, who are they working with? It is kinda curious, I have to confess. I didn’t think slavery; I thought prison. Orange prison colors. I thought prisoners.

But Snerdley, who is African-American, pure, 100% slave blood African-American, who is our Official Obama Criticizer, by the way, I’m not gonna argue with you. If that’s your first reaction, then I have to acquiesce. I was gonna say, “Come on, give me a break. They’re prison shackles.” But if you show ’em to a black guy and they think slavery… And he had no idea it was coming, so I’ll defer. I’ll defer on this one to Mr. Snerdley with his 100% slave blood.

What do you bet these shoes never see the light of day? A couple or three pairs will end up on eBay. They’ll be collectors items. They’ll be sold. They’ll show up on a Hitler video or something like that.



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