NBC Busted for Doctoring Romney Tape

MSNBC is back at it. We have to temporarily set aside our ban today. MSNBC, NBC, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News Washington, they’ve doctored another tape. And this time everybody caught ’em. Everybody in the Drive-Bys pointed it out. We’ll go back and play the audio for you. They doctored the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin 911 phone call tape to make it appear that Zimmerman was a raging racist, when he wasn’t. Now, what they’ve done, they took a Romney address where he was talking about… well, remember when George H.W. Bush was in the grocery store, saw a supermarket scanner and the press said, “This guy doesn’t know what a supermarket scanner is. This guy’s so out of touch, doesn’t know what a supermarket scanner is ’cause he never goes there.” We found out that they totally misrepresented what had happened.

Well, in this case involving Romney, the video of Romney enthusiastically describing a sandwich-ordering machine at the Pennsylvania convenience store Wawa, and they edited out the point that he was making about it and made it look like he’d never seen one before and didn’t know what it was. It was blatant, and they got caught. The worst thing that can happen to you, folks, is ridicule. And everybody is now ridiculing MSNBC. I mean, Politico tried at first to go along with the MSNBC version and then they quickly sized up what had happened and wanted no part of it. The Atlantic, Politico, everybody else in the Drive-By Media just distanced themselves from MSNBC. We have the tape coming up to show you what happened.



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