So what do you think the big news from over the weekend is? No. The fact that Rodney King died is not the big news from over the weekend. The big news from over the weekend is not that Obama decided to bypass Congress and usurp the Constitution. No, no, no, no, no. The big news was that some reporter had the nerve to try to ask Obama a question about his actions while he was reading his teleprompter announcing his latest dictate. I kid you not. It was all over the Sunday shows. They want this guy censored. They want him thrown in jail for not showing proper respect to the king, this Neil Munro from the Daily Caller.

They want the Daily Caller shut down. They want Chatsworth Osborne Jr. strangled by his bow tie. It’s amazing. It actually is not, but that’s what’s given the White House press corps and the rest of the people inside the Beltway the vapors. Imagine heckling the president by asking him a question. They want this guy’s press credentials rescinded. Neil Munro is his name, from the Daily Caller.

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