Labor Union Demands ‘TRILLIONS’ More In Government Spending

Damon Silvers, the director of policy at the AFL-CIO, speaking at a liberal activist conference today, said that the U.S. economy “remains weak” and needs to be revived by trillions of dollars in new government spending and drastically higher taxes, especially on those with higher incomes.

The address by Silvers to the Take Back the American Dream conference of the Campaign for America’s Future underscores the difficult position President Obama is in as he faces reelection. Obama’s reelection chances hinge on his ability to convince Americans that the economy is improving, but the liberal narrative is that the nation is facing a litany of problems that require even bolder action than Obama pursued in his first term.

“Economic growth in this country remains weak,” Silvers said. “From month to month, it’s a little unclear how weak it is, but it’s weak.”



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