It’s Obama Who’s Sabotaging the Economy

And he really has gone way, way over the deep end. To him, a giant conspiracy of all these businesspeople exists. “That’s right! They want the economy to fail.” In fact, Romney had it right, Jim. It’s Obama who basically started ignoring the economy to get health care done. It’s Obama who hasn’t paid enough attention. The attention he has paid has been destructive. It’s Obama who’s doing damage to the US private sector. It’s Obama and his policies doing all this.

Everybody that Matthews is talking about that you heard him refer to, they’re simply in a defensive, protective posture right now. They are under assault. We all are. Anybody with money, regardless how they have it, is under assault from the Democrat Party and Obama. It’s only smart to hold onto it ’til you know what’s gonna happen, or have some reasonable expectation that the business climate is gonna improve.



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