Okay, folks, a question here. If Obama, President Kardashian, if he’s not good for Democrats, how can it be argued that he’s good for America? And it’s becoming patently obvious that President Kardashian is not good for Democrats. We’ve got seven or nine prominent Democrats who’ve announced that they’re not gonna attend the Democrat convention in Charlotte, and the most recent prominent big name, Claire McCaskill, senator from Missouri, who, among all the people not showing up, is probably the biggest, most loyal, most loud, vociferous advocate for Obama and everything he’s done. And she’s staying home in Missouri.

Then there’s this. The top Democrat in charge of getting other Democrats elected to the House — his name is Steve Israel. He runs the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee. This guy is urging his party’s candidates to steer clear of the national convention later this year. Steve Israel, the chairman the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, offered this warning, this suggestion during a Reuters Washington summit yesterday. According to Reuters, Steve Israel said of Democrat congressional candidates, “If they want to win an election, they need to be in their districts.” Now, this is said to the State-Controlled Media by the House Democrat campaign chief. Obama says he’s one of the country’s four greatest presidents. Obama is not good for the Democrats.

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