CALLER: I believe that the mandate is going down in flames, but I want to take opposition with you in terms of the enthusiasm that the audience and conservatives would have if indeed it was upheld. I believe that it would immediately spark protests. This is a country that does not like being dictated to. People do not like to be told what to do. And this is the power to self-define the sense of being free in this country. If this health care mandate is upheld, then you are going to see a great amount of enthusiasm and anger towards the liberals, towards Obama, towards the Supreme Court, and so I don’t believe that there is gonna be a deflation of enthusiasm.

RUSH: Ultimately I agree with you. I hope you are a right. I’m just thinking the initial reaction among some people is gonna be throw our hands up and say, what the hell. I mean, we got a Supreme Court who’s got one job, to determine whether something is constitutional. This clearly isn’t. We wouldn’t even be here if everybody paid fealty to the Constitution. We wouldn’t even be here if Congress, if the White House cared about the Constitution. That’s what you and everybody knows. And if the court upholds this, you’re right, there’s gonna be all kinds of anger. But we can protest the Supreme Court all day, we don’t even know if they’re there.

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