House GOP: Want more jobs? How ’bout we quit stalling on energy production?

For the time being, President Obama has moved away from energy as the campaign theme du jour, especially as gas prices have calmed down. It therefore warms my heart that the House GOP is challenging Obama on his rhetorically cozy but completely fake “all of the above” energy narrative and continuing the push for more domestic energy production. And no, they don’t mean by making more green-energy “investments” on Americans’ behalf, either.

The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, sponsored by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) and other top Republicans, expedites permits for energy production, expands drilling leases in Alaska and forces the administration to allow more onshore drilling as a condition of releasing oil stockpiles. …Meanwhile, a weaker-than-expected jobs report for May revived fears over the broader economy. “When we look at the jobs report numbers that came back last month, there is no better chance for us to create jobs than having an energy policy that makes us independent,” Mr. McCarthy said.



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