Homosexuality is a drug. It’s not natural.

By Dennis Marcellino –

I see homosexuality as a drug because, like all drugs, it is used to mask underlying pain that a person doesn’t know how to cope with. In fact, anything that a person uses to mask or run from inner turmoil, I classify as a drug.

These observations come from my years of helping people overcome addictions and addictive tendencies. That work and my own personal and permanent overcoming of addictive tendencies has caused me to come to some deeper understandings of what’s behind addictions and what it takes to permanently resolve them. (And I’ve developed the best program for doing that, which can be seen at www.AddictionFreeForever.com.)

Basically, people choose what they choose in life because those are the best things that they can see. If they are having bad experiences (which no one wants to have), they will use whatever they can see that will make those bad experiences go away, or be less impacting, or perhaps even give them some degree of good experience. If those things are continually relied on to mask or run from what a person is experiencing, I classify them as drugs. They can be not just alcohol or chemicals, but also: sex (including homo sex), food, sports, gambling, people, fiction, etc. Some of those things are natural of course. I’m only speaking of them as drugs if they are used to run away from feelings that are automatically coming up in a person. I used to be a member of Sly & The Family Stone, and Sly wrote a song which said, “Running away to get away, uhuh uhuh, you’re wearing out your shoes.” That says that the running away approach is not something that will work permanently. There will be a day of reckoning at some point (as well as a dysfunctional life along the way).

But because I found the solution to this dilemma, I work to help others (and I have helped thousands) by leading them to the solution. And here is what it comes down to. A person won’t on their own choose to quit what they’ve landed on as coping mechanisms (against unpleasant feelings like pain, boredom, anger, frustration, confusion, restlessness, depression, anxiety, fear, etc.) UNTIL those bad feelings are replaced with good ones. Then when in the good feeling states, drugs and alcohol just make us feel worse. And at that point it’s an EASY decision to not do them anymore.

That’s my history. I used to be shy, bored, in pain, confused, and restless. And although I went to a number of psychologists and self-help groups, I couldn’t find out how to resolve those things. So I tried to get rid of them with the various drugs I’ve mentioned here.

But now it’s easy for me to not do any of them (which proves they are not “diseases”, as is often said these days). Now I just recognize that the taste of alcohol is unpleasant … and why would I want to do anything that is unpleasant? And that is true for all abuses for me and has been going on for 30 years now (after 18 years of abuse).

So the obvious bottom line is that a person has to find out how to eliminate bad feelings (and keep them from coming on on their own) and how to have good feelings naturally reside in them. And those things are what I show how to do in my program. And this has to be done in such a way that is not forced … which is often the way of the typical Behavior Modification approach and approach at clinics. And that is why their cures are usually not permanent.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino’s program can be seen at www.AddictionFreeForever.com.



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