Holder Retracts Lie that Bush’s Attorney General Knew About Gun Walking

So we had Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings, both members of Congress, both members of the Congressional Black Caucasians, and they’re only retort to all this is to get mad that Issa would call Eric Holder a liar. “How dare you?” they say. How dare you call him a liar. How dare you call a US attorney general a liar. Well, Eric Holder said that Bush’s attorney general, Michael Mukasey, knew about Fast and Furious at a Senate hearing last week. When he knew that Mukasey didn’t know. So Holder tells the Senate committee that, (imitating Holder) “Hey, Fast and Furious predates us, Bush was doing it, Mukasey knew about it.”

They said, “Well, really? You got some documentation on that?”



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