Holder: Everyone knows ‘in-person voting fraud is uncommon’

Attorney General Eric Holder defended his department’s challenges to state’s voter ID laws on Monday, alleging that “Those on all sides of this debate have acknowledged that in-person voting fraud is uncommon.”

Holder spoke at the League of Women Voters conference where he challenged those who believe that “easing registration hurdles will only lead to voter fraud.”

“Making voter registration easier is, simply, not likely by itself to make our election more susceptible to fraud. Indeed, those on all sides of this debate have acknowledged that in-person voting fraud is uncommon,” Holder said. “We must be honest about this, and we must recognize that our ability to ensure the strength and the integrity of our election systems — and to advance the reforms necessary to achieve this — depends on whether the American people are informed, engaged and willing to demand common sense solutions that make voting more accessible.”

Eric Holder seems to forget that someone almost used his ballot:



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