Hillary 2016 Campaign Underway

I think Clinton was endorsing Romney. I know he’s walked it all back now. I know he’s been taken to the woodshed. I know he went on CNN and he apologized and all that, but it doesn’t matter. It’s like saying something in court that you shouldn’t say, you’re objected to, and the judge tells the jury, “Forget what you just heard.” They never forget it. It’s on the record. It’s in there. It may be taken off the record, but the jurors heard it. Well, everybody heard Clinton’s endorsement of Romney. Everybody heard his defense of Romney.

I think what’s going on, they’re setting Hillary up for 2016. We know the Clintons want back in there bad. It’s an unfinished bunch of business, Hillary’s turn in the White House. It was gonna be hers in ’08. We all know what happened. But they’re not angling for 2012. They’re angling 2016 against Romney. Lanny Davis is a Clintonite. Lanny Davis is now talking about the vicious people in the Obama campaign who are being critical rather than defensive of their own record and so forth. So we’ll see. Time will tell. But I think I’m right about this.



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