Hannity Moderates Heated Clash Between Michelle Malkin And Sally Kohn

Sean Hannity hosted a discussion on his radio program on Thursday between Sally Kohn, a liberal columnist, and conservative pundit Michelle Malkin. A fight over a column by Kohn that took Malkin to task for “hypocrisy” quickly escalated into a series of personal attacks between the two pundits.

Kohn took on Malkin’s assertion that Mitt Romney’s campaign was being too nice in his campaign against President Barack Obama. She said that there was a measure of hypocrisy in her suggestion that Romney get more aggressive while at the same time admonishing the left for exhibiting a lack of civility.

“I think we can disagree without being disagreeable,” said Kohn. No sooner did she make this assertion than the conversation descended into a name calling and screaming between the two pundits.



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