Now here comes the cover-up. I want to take you back to March 19th, 2007.

You might remember that Alberto Gonzales, a member of the Bush administration as attorney general who fired the eight US attorneys. The Democrats were after Albert Gonzales and other Hispanics that the Bush administration sought to elevate, because Hispanics do not get elevated in a Republican Party. It just doesn’t happen. Democrats say they can’t allow that to be seen. So Alberto Gonzales became attorney general. He was a good friend of Bush’s, really had a lot of respect for him. Miguel Estrada, one of Bush’s judicial nominees, was thought to be qualified for Supreme Court.

They did everything they could, the Democrats, to destroy Miguel Estrada. And they wanted to get rid of Alberto Gonzales. And Obama joins the chorus of Democrats suggesting that Gonzales should quit, be fired, or resign. So this is again is Larry King Alive, March 19th, 2007. Larry King said, “The major issue at hand these days is Albert Gonzales’ firing of the eight US attorneys. What’s your read on that, Senator [Kardashian]?”

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