Fireworks Over Fast and Furious

Let me tell you what’s going on here. You know, the purpose of Fast and Furious, one of the purposes was to get those guns across the border in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, have crimes committed, and then say, “We gotta do something about the Second Amendment. How do Americans guns get to Mexico?” Well, we got ’em there because we gave ’em. That was never supposed to be discovered. Now, the Second Amendment argument or rationale here goes to the motive for doing what Holder and the DOJ did. They wanted controversy around guns. They wanted American guns in Mexico, but the problem, they engaged in reckless tactics, and the pretext for allowing the guns to walk across the border was to be able later to trace them to crime scenes and then build a case against the Mexican drug cartels.

All experienced agents who looked at this thought that it was insane because, A, there wouldn’t be crime scenes unless we walk the guns across the border, and used in crimes. So we created the crimes by making the guns available, therefore we’re contributing to violent criminality. And even if you trace the guns to the crime scenes that you create, you wouldn’t cinch the case against these particular cartels because you wouldn’t know for sure enough information to nail ’em. This was a disaster, and now that people are trying to get to the bottom of it the stonewall is taking place. And this was just part of it that you heard, the sound bites from yesterday between Holder and Chaffetz and Darrell Issa.



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