Dems Resort to Crying Racism

You know as well as I do the double standard that exists, and the double standard is that it’s not possible for blacks to be racist. They don’t have the power to enforce their racism, and so they have free rein. They can say whatever they want to say. They can’t be racists. But again, I’ll tell you what all this is, is an indication that they’re flailing away and they’re grasping at straws. For that Congressional Black Caucus babe to say that the Republican ad’s racist, I think blaming everybody else and it’s not my fault and they’re making fun of me and your racists, it’s not playing with the vast majority of the American people. Nowhere near a vast majority the American people. Bill, I appreciate the call, I really do.

Apparently sometime, it was recently, there was a big American Film Institute tribute to Shirley MacLaine. They had a whole bunch of people there. Jack Nicholson was there and Dennis Haysbert was there. Warren Beatty was there, Shirley MacLaine’s brother. And the thing was televised. It is gonna be broadcast on TV Land. And Don Rickles was one of the performers, and Rickles told an Obama joke. And the story is that they’re editing the Rickles joke out of the televised version of the event. And I want to tell you what the joke was. It was noteworthy because comedians don’t make Obama jokes. I mean all these late night guys say, you know, he’s just too cool, there’s really nothing funny about the guy. There just really is nothing to make fun of him about.



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