Confusion Over SCOTUS Arizona Ruling

Most people think that the Arizona immigration case was about whether or not the cops can stop somebody and demand that they prove their status, and the court upheld that. Now, the other three provisions are not insignificant. It can be said that the regime won three out of four. And this one, this fourth provision, hangs by a thread because the court said that even though we’re gonna allow the cops to stop people, do whatever they want to do — this is the stop-and-the-check documents provision — they upheld it for now, but they, in the ruling, invited litigation on that provision down the road if some kind of perceived violations take place.

So it could end up that this is gonna be challenged, and it’ll be lost. Can you imagine if the states were not free to stop people and ask if they’re here illegally? That could end up being the case because the fourth provision that was upheld, the thing everybody thought this case was about, the court invited litigation on it. So I don’t know, folks. It’s getting to the point here where you could say — and we had Chief Justice Roberts and Kennedy joining the liberals on these three provisions, and it basically wipes out states, just gives the federal government total purview over pretty much everything.



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