Caught! Al-Qaida allies join U.S.-backed forces

For the first time publicly, Jordan stated its security officials arrested two jihadists affiliated with al-Qaida on their way to Syria to fight against President Bashar Assad.

Last month, WND first reported there is a growing collaboration between the U.S.-supported Syrian opposition and al-Qaida as well as evidence the opposition is sending weapons to jihadists in Iraq, according to an Egyptian security official. The WND report named several al-Qaida branches aiding the opposition, including the group caught by Jordan.

Also, last week WND reported Syria presented the United Nations and the U.S. with information that indicates it was a group affiliated with al-Qaida, armed by Turkey, that slaughtered more than 100 civilians in their homes in Houla 12 days ago, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.



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