Cable Nets Dump Laughable “Major” Speech

Tell me what you think here. Obama’s still speaking. It is dull, it is boring, and all the networks dumped it. Is MSNBC still covering it? They are. They’re the only ones. Everybody else bumped out of this thing. It’s reworked 2007, 2008 stuff. I’m gonna be real eager to hear the reviews, ’cause the media had so much hope. They had so many hopes invested in this speech, and I’m gonna be eager to see what they say about it. Now, he just said, “My vision works for the middle class.”

This is a guy who just said, “The private sector is doing fine.”

We just had the news today, this week: Wealth for median families is down 40% under Obama. The median family is middle class. Family net worth has plummeted under Obama. That news we had. Whoever’s writing these speeches is writing them in a vacuum. “My vision works for the middle class.” This is what Carville said don’t do. Do not try to say positive things about the economy. There isn’t any, and you can’t convince people. They’re living it! (summarized) “My vision works for the middle class. Give me ten years. Look at Europe. Recoveries take ten years!” But it’s a pathetic speech, folks. He’s talking about people that got tricked into mortgages they couldn’t afford?

They re-birthed the 2008 campaign.



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