Bill Clinton Undercuts Obama on Bush Tax Cuts, “Recession”

First, I do not believe Obama will extend the Bush tax cuts. I’m just telling you the conventional wisdom. Well, you heard it from David “Rodham” Gergen. You heard it. “This could give the President some cover. I have to say this: Bill Clinton tells the truth, but he’s also the best spokesman for Obama on many issues.” Well, I thought Obama was the great communicator. Why does…? Why does Barack Obama need a spokesman? There’s no way Obama is gonna extend the Bush tax cuts. And David “Rodham” Gergen does not know what he’s talking about.

He’s the Old Castrati. He’s not the New Castrati.

These guys don’t get that Obama’s not conventional. They’re still caught up in this notion Obama wants fiscal reform; he wants fiscal restraint. They still believe that Obama’s got policies to lower the deficit. The Gergens of the world, all of the aged writers at TIME and Newsweek, still look at this in conventional political terms. Obama is not about continuing anything that’s rooted in capitalism. If he wins reelection, the Bush tax cuts are not gonna be extended. I don’t care what he can extract from the Republicans for it. It isn’t gonna happen.

And that’s why Clinton running around and saying he thinks they should be extended is such a big deal. He’s undercutting Barry again.



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