Barack Hussein Kardashian

I want to play a couple of sound bites for you here. I had this yesterday, too. Did not get to this. I regret this. They were late in the sound bite roster. I made a comment a moment ago that if you knew how this works you would not believe we’d ever get to any of these sound bites. I get the roster every day at about 30 minutes before the program. And, like today, there’s 35 sound bites, but they’re just there. They’re not in any particular order other than if there’s three Shrums, there are three Shrums right in a row, but since the program isn’t choreographed and since it’s not scripted, I have no idea where I’m gonna get to what, when. All of this is done on the fly. I’m flashing through these. I don’t organize anything. In a break I’ll say, “Okay, I’m gonna do this next,” but that’s even subject to change depending on brain flow. So that’s all I meant by it.

But these two bites I wanted to get to yesterday that we had, they, too, are quite indicative. Obama’s running two ads of a sweepstakes nature. One ad is by Anna Wintour, who is the fashion editor at Vogue magazine. Not widely read. That’s a magazine for a small group of people. And then another ad by Sarah Jessica Parker, who, it’s been ten years since Sarah Jessica Parker did anything. And both of these ads have to do with the fact that you could win two seats at dinner with Obama at Anna Wintour’s house in New York if you go to the website and make a donation.

Now, here’s a man of the people. Here’s a man that’s talking every day to the underemployed, unemployed, claiming that that’s who he cares about, trying to do everything he can to get them back up to speed and so forth. No greater illustration of who Obama’s lost, how out of touch he is and how they view him within the Obama campaign. Let’s get to the Anna Wintour ad first. It’s Friday, it’s a website ad at



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