As Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over Egypt, the New York Times Laments the World’s Impact on Obama

There is an article in the New York Times today that essentially makes the same point. It’s the world’s fault that Obama’s having problems. Europe and economics. Syria and other places in the Middle East.

Oh, speaking of which! I wasn’t gonna do this but I changed my mind. Grab audio sound bite number one. Go back to this. I was not gonna do this, but now it’s reared its head. January 31st of 2011. When the Muslim Brotherhood… You know when the Arab Spring was going on and the Muslim Brotherhood was wreaking havoc and trying to get Mubarak out of there? Old buddy Nic Robertson from CNN was over there on the ground in Tahrir Square (which is not a square), and he was talking to all these Egyptians.

“So, tell us, Egyptians…” One was Mustafa and the other one was Achmed. (Nic Robertson impression) “Tell us, Mustafa, how do you feel about President Obama and his magnificent role in gaining freedom for you?”



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