As Clinton Does Mea Culpa, More Democrats Dump on Obama

Clinton went off — a mea culpa, Clinton went on Wolf Blitzed yesterday and basically bent over and grabbed the ankles and said have your way with me. (Clinton impression) “I’m sorry, I got the timeline wrong. I really goofed up. You know? I got the timeline wrong, and my problem is I do go all the way down, and sometimes it’s a long time before I get back up and by the time I get back up a lot stuff’s happened I didn’t know about. And I forgot the timeline.” Yeah, this is discipline. Yeah. Somebody reached out. Cory Booker has been disciplined now. Cory Booker has basically been told by the regime he doesn’t matter.

Publicly the regime is saying about Cory Booker, he is dead to us, he’s finished. They gave Cory Booker, in their view, they gave Cory Booker a national spotlight on the Meet the Press show, and he went out there, he blew it. He’s dead to them. So, yeah, the discipline is starting to happen. And Clinton clearly was read the riot act. And I don’t know what specifically it was that got to him, ’cause there is no love lost between Clinton and Obama. But something did. And it’s all about the Bush tax cuts and Clinton saying, (Clinton impression) “Yeah, I think we should extend those things, those babies,” and his excuse was he thought everybody was talking about between now and the election, not after the election. That’s his excuse, he got the timeline wrong. “That’s right, Limbaugh understands, Limbaugh’s got it. ‘Cause, see, that’s what I said. I do, I do go all the way down, and it’s a long time to get back up. And that’s why I got the timeline wrong.”

So they did get to him out there.



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