After Obama Screws Up, Mark Halperin Wants a Truce on “Gaffes”

You know, whenever the Democrats screw up, whenever Obama screws up, whenever a Democrat president screws up, it’s always time for a truce. And the offering for a truce comes today from Mark Halperin, our old buddy at TIME Magazine in a short little blurb entitled, “Stop the Gaffe Patrol.” Here’s what he says. “The President doesn’t think the economy is ‘doing fine.'” By the way, on that, you know, I live in Realville. I parse words. Obama did not correct himself on Friday. He went out there on Friday to a presser and said, “The private sector is doing fine.” In the afternoon, he went out, ostensibly to correct himself, and said, “The economy isn’t doing fine, that’s why I went out there.” He did not say the private sector isn’t doing fine; he said the economy. He did not correct himself. He didn’t say one thing different, but he made everybody think that he did.

So, anyway, Halperin writes: “The President doesn’t think the economy is ‘doing fine.’ Mitt Romney doesn’t oppose firefighters, police, or teachers.” Do you believe that? Here’s Axelrod on television yesterday, and Obama, too, all these Democrats: “The problem in our private sector is we don’t have enough cops. We don’t have enough teachers. We don’t have enough firefighters.” That’s the private sector to them. Now, those are municipal employees, and nothing against them, but that’s not private sector stuff. Those are municipal employees, and many of them are unionized, which is the key. At any rate, so Obama’s being hurt by all that. There are stories about Obama’s week last week being the week that he lost the election. The Democrats are all over the place writing that. The Democrats are all over the place worrying about that.



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