Wouldn’t Obama Rather Talk About Birth Than the Economy?

It’s accepted that he was born in Hawaii. So the question is, how did this happen? And that’s what a lot of people are trying to figure out. Why in the world would the blurb say he was born in Kenya when he wasn’t? There has to be a reason for this. You know what I think it is? The same thing Elizabeth Warren’s trying to do. I think this is why we’re not seeing grade transcripts. I think there’s a whole lot of affirmative action going on here with Obama. I don’t think they want us to see the courses that he took. Not so much what his grades were, but I don’t think they want us to see the courses the guy took. They don’t want us to see what he wrote. They don’t want us to see what courses he took. It’s not so much the grades, but this business of saying and telling his literary agent — ’cause this was up for years, it was not just up for a short period of time. It’s just an effort to make himself sound more exotic. And what it really indicates is that the guy will lie. He will exaggerate.

It’s like Ed Klein in the book The Amateur. One of the things Obama says to Jeremiah Wright is, (imitating Obama) “Well, your problem, Reverend, is you have to tell the truth. As a politician, I don’t have to tell the truth.” Roger Simon, who blog posts at Pajamas Media, PJ Media, has a theory that — and I actually read the theory. I found it on PowerLine so I’m getting this thirdhand, but Simon’s theory is that Obama had an “incentive to pass himself off as African, rather than merely African-American. Perhaps the explanation goes back to his college and law school days, which remain weirdly shrouded in mystery, deemed off-limits by liberal reporters and editors. Perhaps Obama took advantage of a scholarship — or, I would add, an affirmative action opportunity –” see, that’s what I think, “– that was available only to those born in Africa.” so he had to say he was born in Africa because so much of what he got, admissions to school and who knows what else, was based on the fact that he told ’em he was from Africa, not just African-American, but that he was an African.

If you’re Barack Obama, wouldn’t you rather have people asking where you were born than what you’re planning to do to fix the economy? Wouldn’t you rather people get all absorbed and sidetracked on some blurb in a literary pitch years and years ago? I can see Obama and his boys sitting in the White House saying, “You know, let’s have some fun with the birthers. Let’s go ahead and release this thing. This will keep them occupied the rest of the week and all the way through the weekend, and that’s two or three more days we bought where they’re not talking about how bad we’re doing on the economy.”



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