WI Unions Reap Stimulus Money, Use it to Recall Walker

In states like Wisconsin, far from the automakers and their union workers, 80% of stimulus funds “went to public unions.” That means these unions received $600 million in funding which they are now using to fill the coffers of Democrat candidates and to pay for ongoing opposition to Gov. Scott Walker. As a matter of fact, public employee unions have already spent more than $8 million in their effort to recall Walker. What this does, in effect, is remove the advantage Walker had achieved in fundraising by placing the weight of the national purse behind Walker’s opponents.

What a scheme. Obama took money from American tax-payers and gave it to union members in Detroit to keep them solidly Democrat. And in Wisconsin, he dispersed hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars that are now being used to try to remove a sitting Republican governor.

Call it what you want. I call it money laundering 101.



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