WI Recall: Absentee Voting Begins; Don’t Forget the Undercard

While most of the attention surrounding the June 5 recall election in my beloved home state of Wisconsin rightfully swirls around that state’s governor and rising GOP star, Scott Walker, it’s important to remember that there are five other Republican seats on the recall ballot: four State Senate seats and the state’s dynamic Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

For the sake of sending a message to the entire country and most especially to the crybaby public unions we support with our tax dollars — that anarchy, lawlessness and lame drum circles do not win elections — this defeat must be total and absolute … for America.

Absentee voting has already begun in Wisconsin. Early signs are good, good enough that a pro-Barrett group cancelled a $112,000 ad buy. This is all well and good, but we can’t take our eyes off the other races, especially the Lt. Governor, who is up against a well-financed opponent and whose defeat would be a symbolic victory for spoiled crybabies everywhere.



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