Why So Many Americans Still Don’t Know Much of Anything About Barack Obama

You know, this Reverend Wright stuff with Barack Obama, it’s back in the news again. Something is happening. It’s anecdotal, but I happen to think that this might be applicable in a statistical way to the nation at large. We played the audio sound bite from Obama reading from one of his books a couple of weeks ago, in which he admitted bullying a young girl, in which he admitted trying cocaine, admitted that he drank a lot, basically just lollygagged around. I know we’ve got new listeners to this program. It’s been documented by the official ratings companies that monitor such things.

There are tons and tons of new listeners, but even at that, I’m overwhelmed by the number of people — we’re three-and-a-half years into his regime, and I’m getting e-mails from people that the first time they’d heard he’d done cocaine was in the past two, three weeks. The first time they’d heard that he had bullied a young girl. They didn’t know his college transcripts hadn’t been released. They just assumed all that had happened and they missed it. They didn’t know any of this.

Now, we know Obama wasn’t vetted. We know the mainstream media has done everything they can to protect him. But the Reverend Wright stuff was out there. I’m even getting e-mail from people who had not heard all the Reverend Wright stuff. New listeners, not people who listen to this program regularly. New listeners say they’re hearing this for the first time. I’m getting e-mails from people like we got when we were in the first year or first two years of the program. “My gosh, I found you the other day driving around. I couldn’t get anything else on the radio, and I’m hooked now.” Similar comments from customers at Two If By Tea who are finding the program for the first time and learning stuff about Obama that we’ve all known for four years. They’re just now hearing about it.



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