The New York Times/CBS poll is so bad for Obama. They are really worried in the White House, and it’s not new. They have been worried for a long time. This is not the first CBS/New York Times poll that has bad news for Obama. People have forgotten, two months ago, on the same day, the Washington Post and New York Times both came out with polls, and Obama was at 41% approval in one of them, and he was not doing well with women I think in the Washington Post poll two months ago. And this was right in the middle of the contrived War on Women. And it wasn’t working.

The gay marriage thing isn’t working. Just 7% of the American people, of likely voters, see gay marriage as a top issue in November. He’s raising money with it, but he’s not garnering support. He’s losing support over this. He’s losing support everywhere. There is serious talk now about getting Biden off the ticket and replacing him. The reelect campaign is not at all going the way the professionals, the Obama administration thought it was going to go. And there is genuine discord and upset within all levels of the campaign. Now you’re starting to see in various places in the Drive-By Media, they can’t hide this anymore, they can’t even paper over it very well.

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