TIME Cover Offends Feminists… Because the Breastfeeding Mom is Too Pretty

The TIME Magazine cover with the 26-year-old mother and the three-year-old baby — well, three-year-old boy. She was breastfeeding in this TIME Magazine cover. And, by the way, we here at the EIB Network were the first with the parody covers of TIME Magazine. We had the boy breastfeeding off the breast of the Statue of Liberty. And now there have been others. Obama breastfeeding from George Clooney is a very popular one out there. Obama as the young boy. But here, you have to hear this sound bite. This is Melinda Henneberger. Now, Melinda Henneberger I think used to be at Newsweek, maybe it was TIME, one of the two. Does it really matter?

She was on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. She’s a columnist for the Washington Post now. I think she’s gone back and forth at the Huffing and Puffington Post. During the roundtable of Face the Nation yesterday, Bob Schieffer asked Melinda Henneberger, who, Melinda Henneberger is a classic inside-the-Beltway feminist, classic professional feminist. You know what that means.



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