Tim McCarver Claims Climate Change Causes Home Runs; Algore Says “Talk Show Hosts” are Winning Global Warming Debate

Tim McCarver… I can’t believe this. I love Tim McCarver. I grew up when Tim McCarver was a catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Every year Joe Buck had his golf tournament outside St. Louis for a long time, and I would go to it, and I just loved Tim McCarver. Tim McCarver said something on a Fox broadcast a couple Saturdays ago that just disappoints me. But, again, it’s an example of how reasonably intelligent people get caught.

He said that the reason there are more home runs being hit in baseball — which there aren’t by the way. Home run totals are down. What do you think he’s gonna say? He’s blaming it on thinner air because of global warming. The air is thinner, there is less resistance, and so the balls off the bat are flying farther! The problem is that home run totals are down since the steroid era was kind of gotten control of. Home run totals are down.

It’s a disappointing thing.



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