Three Devastating Charts Dispute Biden’s Claim that Economy is Coming Back

Jobs are being created. Jobs are being created in Wisconsin because of Governor Scott Walker, because of some of the policies at the state level. But overall, this is bunk. I have a lot of charts. Jim Pethokoukis, our buddy at American Enterprise Institute, heard that Biden said this, and he’s a think tank guy, so he went to his tank and he started thinking. And he produced a bunch of charts… And to try to describe a chart is impossible, but the charts simply confirm everything you know.

Jobs are not coming back. Everything he said in this bite is nothing more than a dream. It’s smoke and mirrors. But he’s out there screaming on the campaign trail, “Republicans don’t get us. Jobs are coming back! Middle class, gonna be able to send your kid to college.” Everybody knows this is bunk. They’re desperate. Biden’s being sent out there, and he’s on his own. They’re simply trying to create an alternative universe where they want you to think everything for everybody else is happening and you’re next. It’s going great guns. It may not be happening for you, but where are we today in Youngstown, Ohio, boy, it’s really coming back. Things are hot to trot. It’s gonna get better. You’re going to be able to get a manufacturing job, support your family of four, send your kid to college. It’s happening. It’s happening. And you’re supposed to sit there and say, “Wow, cool, all right. Finally.” You don’t see any evidence of it, but he’s the vice president, he’s saying it. So the game is you’re supposed to believe it and think it’s happening for others and may be right around the corner for you.



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