They Know Not What They Do

It’s so sad that the liberals who promote evil aren’t able to see that what they’re promoting is causing a lot of harm and suffering. It also is causing enmity with our Creator and making Him angry, which expresses itself in various punishments (e.g. AIDS, wars, hurricanes, etc.).

God’s original intention was to create free will beings to share existence with in perfect love, harmony and creativity. How great is that? I mean, if you write a song or build a house or bake a pie, isn’t the ultimate joy in that to share them with others? But what if some make fun of your song so others can’t enjoy it, or trash your house so others can’t live in it, or throw your pie out so others can’t have any … where is the joy in that?

Well that’s the dilemma that God faces. Some angels and humanity have continually hurt God’s creation and other people and made His original intention not be a continual, safe possibility. So then how is God supposed to respond to this? At one point “the LORD was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.” (Genesis 6:6) So He destroyed all but Noah’s family in a desire to start over again, but with a new approach. (In my book Why Are We Here? I show that God needed 7 phases with angels and humanity to work out this problem of free will.)

So where are we at now? I mean, many say that a stumbling block for them to accept God is: “How can an all-loving God allow evil to continue to exist?” The answer is simple. He doesn’t want to give up allowing people to have free will. And evil emanates out of the choices of free will beings, not God. It was His original intention to have fellowship with free will beings and therefore that trumps Him squashing all possibility of evil happening. Kind of like you choosing a mate in life and falling in love and then they do something to hurt you. Does that mean you would want to eliminate love? (Of course many have in their life because of being hurt. But they suffer to some degree and miss out on something that is so great because of their decision/fear.)

But God continues to try to work with people to get them to join in with His plan for a perfect society of free will beings. And He uses whatever He can to get the attention of people (diseases, natural disasters, unpleasant emotions, and a deep longing for Him – a feeling that something is missing). But in spite of all of those things, He still is not able to get everyone on board with His plan. Therefore, His society of free will beings won’t exist until this world is over.

So, God is not going to let this world go on forever. (This what the Bible says, and I’ve proven – even scientifically – that the Bible is a book of all truth in my book THE PROOF.)

So my intention now is to try to get people to understand the good behind what God is doing in response to this world and to join in with Him in His plan for ultimate beauty and love for us. And once a person understands Him and the dilemma He faces with free will beings, they will also understand that there is no better way to go than what He is doing.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of Why Are We Here? and THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. Those and his other books, CDs and DVDs can be seen at



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