The Tea Party is Alive and Well

Now the Tea Party. As I said, the media thinks it has gone away. You might think it has gone away, because you don’t see any Tea Party protests. The Tea Party has moved on; it’s no longer a protest movement. That was during ’09 and particularly 2010. And that led to the midterm elections. They have since become more sophisticated in terms of organization. There are 47 different Tea Party groups, essentially. There is not a single leader, charismatic or otherwise. There are various organizations that attempt to offer assistance, advice, help with unification in various places.

One of our new sponsors does that, Freedom Works. It’s one of the things that they do. But the Tea Party is now grassroots. I oftentimes talk about “Civics 101.” When you’re in junior high and you’re learning at the junior-high level about government, you generally think that the people that win elections win elections because they have the best ideas and the best candidates. And ideas and candidates appeal to a majority of people and that’s how you win.

As you grow older, you find out that’s got nothing to do with it in many cases. It’s who’s got the most money or who runs the most negative ads. And when you find out what it’s really all about you tune out. “I don’t want any part of it. I’m an ideas person and that seems not to matter.” The Tea Party is reviving Civics 101. The Tea Party is bottom-up. The Tea Party is everything you thought politics was when you were first learning about it.



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