The Preezy of the United Steezy Wants to Distract You from His Dismal Economy

This is from the payroll firm ADP. “Private-sector employment increased by just 119,000 in April, according a report from ADP that puts a dent into the notion that the jobs market is on the path to a solid recovery. The report was well below forecasts of 170,000 and comes after a string of stronger numbers.”

So even the ADP experts thought it would be 170,000, which would have been putrid. One hundred and seventy thousand jobs created would have been putrid. Well, let’s see if anybody was surprised here. I only print out the first page of these things because the rest of it is gibberish. You only need to read the first two paragraphs of any story and it’s over. I don’t. You know, stuff that prints out to three pages, the first page is all I read and then I get to my comments. “Private sector… (muttering) well below forecasts.” I assume they were surprised since it’s well below forecasts, but the words “surprised” or “unexpected” are not in the first two paragraphs.

Now, you want to talk Orwellian? You want to talk Orwellian? Lesley Stahl, Ensure, making Khalid Sheikh Mohammed drink Ensure, that’s Orwellian. You want to talk Orwellian, how about a socialist campaign slogan that says one thing when the reality is just the exact opposite? “Forward.” Do you realize, there already is a Wikipedia entry for “Forward” as the official campaign slogan for Obama-Biden ’12? And they are thinking of pulling it back. They’re thinking of yanking it. “Forward” is already, I think, an official moniker for the state of Wisconsin and a number of other things. But I mean just to show you how biased even Wikipedia is.



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