The Media and Obama on Gay Marriage: Much Ado About Doing Absolutely Nothing

Robin Roberts, friend of the Obamas, chosen by the Obamas for the exclusive interview on gay marriage. If I were a journalist and I was chosen because I’m friendly, I’d be embarrassed, but that’s just me. If I were a real journalist and they picked me because I’m known to be friendly, I’d be embarrassed. But she’s a friend to the Obamas. Anyway, she said to Stephanopoulos, “I’ll tell you, George, I’m getting chills again.” It was like pulling teeth. Did you see the interview? It was a really, really tough get. I mean, I’ll tell you what, Obama was resisting as hard as he could. He didn’t want to tell anybody how he had “evolved.” He didn’t want to let anybody know what he was thinking. But Robin Roberts personally requested, personally provided by ABC News. Brian Williams not happy about it, by the way. They’ve devoted a whole network to Obama. What did they get? Zip.



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