Tea Party Fights for Conservatism in Indiana

Let’s start with Indiana today and the Republican primary there. There’s a lot of teachable moments in this story. A piece here from The Daily Caller. “Why a Mourdock Win Could Ignite a Conservative Spark.” Now, it’s a headline, and let’s leave the headline alone for a second. I have a problem with the headline. I don’t think conservatism needs a spark. Other people might disagree with me, but I think conservatism is on fire. I think this spark business, everybody’s assuming here that the Tea Party is dormant because they didn’t have a candidate in the primaries. Romney’s the nominee, and that’s not Tea Party.

So everybody that’s not paying attention or doesn’t know how to analyze this thinks that the Tea Party’s defunct, and it’s not by any stretch of the imagination. Just the exact opposite. Mourdock running against Lugar for the chance to seek the Senate seat now held by Lugar in the general election, and the most recent polling data has Mourdock up by ten over Lugar, who has been begging Democrats and independents to cross the line and vote for him. And now Lugar, right out of the Democrat Party handbook, I want you to listen, grab audio sound bite number 13, Ed. This is a commercial on Lugar’s website, DickLugar.com. It’s an ad entitled, “Social Security,” targeting his challenger, Richard Mourdock. Here is the ad. The woman in this ad is a seasoned citizen by the name of Patricia Wood.



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