Tea party activism alive in Missouri

Private pilots who may want to fly near Chicago on the weekend of May 19-20 have been warned they could be shot down, and a Red Cross memo suggests there could be mass evacuations of the city in the event of riots by left-leaning activists protesting the NATO summit.

Less than a day’s drive away, however, near Jefferson City, Mo., at the same time there will be an event for Americans who also are worried about the nation. But instead of protests and riots, participants will focus on how to build up America, repair it and stabilize it for future generations.

The “Rally for Common Sense” will be held Saturday, May 19, at the “Patriot Field of Dreams” at Holts Summit. It will be more of a “Woodstock” as it’s on private property in the rolling hills of Missouri, where there will be camping, a nondenominational church service and vendors along with the rally.



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